The Hudson Valley in the Ice Age

Kiamesha Lake

Crystal Run Healthcare, Hibachi & Grill

Swan Lake, Loch Sheldrake

Pine Brush

Sunset in Middletown

Shawagunk Fairy Fire

Fallsburg Home of the Comets

Taghkanic Fishkill

UFOs over Lake Carmel

American Rhineland

Hudson Valley Animal Life

Homowack Lodge

Stone chambers of Putnam County

Barrytown Occultism

Kid in Camo

Monticello Balloon Valance

Songs from the bottom of the Neversink Resevoir

Panache Car Wash

Hospital Dunkin' Donuts

Deer Talk to Each Other

Florida, NY

Michaels Arts and Crafts

Goshen אֶרֶץ גֹּשֶׁן

Sun Sets Behind You

Stewart's Float

Adventures in Lumberland

Extraterrestrial Highway Route 52

Kosher Billboard

Spirulina Moon Bar

RIP Submerged Village of Bittersweet

Paintball Days

Autumn's Autoimmune Pretzels

Inflatable Snow Globe

Milan or Cairo

Blue Echo Rd

Art of Wine

Sleepy Hollow Roads

Shadows of Indian Point

Atomic Wings

Quiet DUI

Falling Forever

Bethel Woods Bumper Sticker

Depression is a Dancer

See You at the Fair

Taste Budds Open Mic

Sundown Shankden

The Wrong Side of the Hudson

Sexual Pyro

Song Autumn 1

Cancerous Soccer Field

Souls Trapped in the Borscht Belt

Meeting of Two Meridians

Galleria at Crystal Run

70's Neighborhood

Hasidic Dynasty

Phantom August Touch


Wappinger Falls

Southeast Station

Coat Factory Outlet

Lawn Gnome Runes

Car Pulls Up to Tivoli Bays

Celts Left Stone Monuments in America

Village of Sleepwalkers

Mohonk Will-o-the-wisp

Hebrew Melody Midi


Rip Van Wrinkle Frequency

Blue Whale in the Sky

Echo Valley

Tall Casino

Greased Pig Contest

Big Mistake

Forever Alone Calzone

Permanent Autumn Position

Hudson Valley Rock Chick

Warm Gold and Pink

Christmas Eve Psych Ward

Overgrown Ranch House

Stuffed Shells on the Sidewalk at Dusk

The Bear Mountain Bridge

"Christmas Tree Shops"

Tropical BOCES Campus

Yogi Bear's Jellystone

Hippie Horoscope

Ulster Parent

Anthropomorphic Purple Car

Roadside Trattoria

King Kone Insects

Goodnight IBM

The Hudson Valley in the Ice Age